4.5 Quart Kitchenaid Mixer ultra series Tilt-Head


4.5 Quart Kitchenaid mixer is powered by a 300 watt motor which might seem very under-powered. But the Tilt-head mixer can handle upto 8 cups of flour in its 4.5 qt steel bowl. The Ultra Series stand mixer is compatible with multiple accessories and with 10 different speed settings handles the job perfectly. Be it mixing or kneading, you can select your desired speed from slow to fast.  The stand mixer is easy to clean, reliable and sturdy. A customer who has bought the stand mixer says that you can fit a 5 qt bowl to this 4.5 qt stand mixer.

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4.5 quart KitchenAid mixer Ultra power design and performance

The Tilt-Head mixer weighs 26 pounds and is quite heavy. Thanks to its weight the mixer does not move around the counter while operating.

The Ultra power series Tilt head makes for a good basic mixer and can be used  for everything from breads, cookies, cakes and pretzels and is available in 10 different colors . The 4.5 quart bowl does not have a handle and the mixing blade, whip and dough hook are not coated and is of galvanized metal and the bowl locks in place. The three different beaters that area provided can handle pretty much every job you throw at it. You can also purchase  a slip cover and spatula paddle for this product.

The Kitchenaid mixer struggles with  thick dough though. So, if you plan to do a lot of baking you might want to look at a different stand mixer that will handle big quantities.

The easy to clean Tilt-Head Stand Mixer?

The tilt head stand mixer is also easy to clean. You can just wipe it down with a damp cloth . Although when you use the dough hook the dough can come out of the bowl and on to the actual mixer which will result in a lot more of cleaning to do.

The 4.5 quart kitchenaid mixer is perfect for home use. It has good sufficient power and does what is required.

4.5 Quart Kitchenaid Mixer ultra series Tilt-Head

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